Monday, July 26, 2010

Drinking Before Work Is A No No!

Sooo Ive got this week off , but i have to work on the weekend :( ... Working weekends sucks !!! All my friends go out, and i have to stay home :( ... Oh well the money is good :) ... Last friday i went clubbing with friends and saw Serani LIVE, it was awsome !!! I was taking shots, and as i started feeling tipsy... I forgot i had to work at 8 the next day. I was having a blast ! Me and kelly danced the whole night, and later went to mcdonalds with some friends. I got back at 4:30 in the morning... Slept for about 2 and a half hours, woke up and felt like shit ! I was soo haungover :( I had a 12 hour shift and i felt really depressed. At work my boss told me to go home at 3 cause i was soo slow . NEVER EVER am i drinking the night b4 work ! Bye Bye Weekends :( ... OH WELL THERES ALWAYS THIRSTY THURSDAYS :) Chels xxxxxx

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  1. Drinking before work isn't necessarily a bad thing. You got to go home early, didn't you? My point proven. Interesting things happen when you drink: Tattoos you don't remember getting, urinating on the waitress at TGI Fridays, exposing yourself to small children from the back seat of a Dodge mini van you stole from the Wendy's parking lot, urinal turds... Wondrous things. Enjoy life, be hungover. That's what my uncle who died from alcohol poisoning use to say.