Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Fun =)

So i had a pretty awsome weekend! My boss changed my hours, so i have my weekends !! Thank god ! Thursday we went to lac des pines (Camping). It was chill ! We had a lil fire and had hot dogs, grilades and beer :) Friday me and my chika kelly went to laronde ! It was awsome :) We got the flash pass so we got to do every ride :P XD ... Saterday we went shopping in brossard, and i had a relexing night ..! I cant wait for next weekend, we are suppose to go to the beach club ! Ive never been :( Im 20 and ive never been to the beach club yet went to most of the clubs in mtrl !!! Oh well you cannot go wrong with sun, alchol, music, and the beach :) ! Anywho here are some pics from camping and hemminford... I wish i had the pics from laronde but they are on my friends camera and she has low speed.... BUMMER :(

Me And Clau <3

*Me And Kelly*

Me And Jesse !

Love Yous