Thursday, September 9, 2010

Even tho your a million stars away,
a place no one can explain.
I know one day you will come and get me,
guide me threw the gazing lights,
into the heavens gates,
into gods hands.

Bud its been 2 years you have left us, yet it still feels like yesterday So many people love you down here and miss you. You have no idea and most likely never how you effected my life in so many years. I am so proud of you ! You have a beautiful angel down here on earth. She looks just like you! I wish i could have been there more in your final months. I never ever thought something was going to happen to you. It just goes to show how life is unpredictable. Never take anything for granted and never ever think your invincible! Remember to live your life as if it was your last, cause you never know when god well need an angel. Im not mad at god anymore, i know you were destine for greatest things in the sky. Your spirit is no longer on earth but no one will never forget that !
i love you and miss you xxxx